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CyberCafe Billing Software
(Download Demo version)

(suitable for XP/NT/2000/98/ME as Server & Clients)

*UserGuide is available at: http://easybrowsing.com/download/cafeuserguide.zip
*Helpfile is available at: http://easybrowsing.com/download/cafebillerhelp.zip

*Update your computer with the vb-run-time files to avoid troubles during installation. click here to update.
*Use download-accelerator to download complete files, if your internet access is slow or frequently disconnected.
*To count the printed pages automatically by the software, configure the printer (with EMF spool format) in the client machine.
*For any trouble during download/installation/operation, please email


Free version:
Earlier version (with limited features) of the software is made free on as-is-basis
(recommended for small cafes having 3-4 machines, with single price scheme)

Single Machine Version

Another Version (SingleMachine Version) of CyberCafe Billing Software is also available to suit Small CyberCafes, who are not interested in dedicating a server for accounting. Recommended for small cybercafes but with stable committed operations.

To download the demo copy of Single Machine Version, click here.