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Client-Server Architecture:

* Centralized monitoring of the login/logout status of all client machines
    from the server.

* Browsing Time of all machines can be accounted and billed from a
   single machine (server).

* All Money Transactions and Time-Transactions are recorded.

* Account Database is maintained in the server and hence more security.

* Ensures 100% hacker proof. 

* Ensures 100% virus restrictions (allows only specified programs to run in the clients)

* ANY language can be used in client windows. 

* Printers can be tracked and post-paid customer bills  will be updated automatically or the prepaid member's minutes debited automatically. 


* Unlimited number of Membership schemes - 'Pay Before Use' (with individual login name and password for members) can be created. Designed to support Any complicated schemes, for example: some of the members can be allowed to work only once per day, one hour at the maximum with the minimum slot of 15 minutes.

* Slot-Hour-Schemes can be created. Slot-Hour-Coupons can be printed for each customer, with a unique automatically generated login name and password. Using Immediate Login feature, the slot-hour member can also be logged in from server.

* Supports Walk-In schemes 'Pay After Use' also with/without off-peak hour charges.

* Restrictions in running selected programs/windows in client machines can be implemented. Each Scheme can be set to allow only specified programs to run.  'Minimum Default Restrictions' can also be implemented to restrict unauthorized printing by the customers.

Slot Hour Coupon Printing:
Generated codes (login name and password) for Slot-Hour-Schemes can be automatically printed as coupons. 

Automatic Bill Printing during each Logout:
Walk-in (Pay After Use) customers' bill can be printed automatically as soon as the customer is logging out. 

Item Sales:
Supports item-sales to customers excluding/including browsing.

Receptionist Rights Allocation:
Administrator can create any number of Receptionists, assign them username and password, decide which menus he can access and also view his attendance. 

Remote Server:
To facilitate the Cafe Administrator to view the server program online list remotely, the server can also be operated in the Remote Server Mode. Except force-logout all the menus can be operated remotely. 

Hacker Watch:
100% Hacker Proof can be ensured. Even if any hacker attempts to remove the client program, he will be automatically logged in as Hacker in the customer list and can also be billed as walk-in-customer. 

Remote Shut Down - clients:
At the end of the day, all the client machines can be shut down (and switched off, if the hardware supports) from the server, by a single click. Clients can also be shutdown/restarted individually, from the vacant machine list.

Database file can be automatically backed up in the specified folder, during each time of closing the program. Backed up database can also be imported later. 

Graphical Analysis and Report:
All the recorded parameters can also be viewed in Graphical format.
Machine Wise Analysis and Comparison are also available.

Automatic Email Report of Day-Book-Leaf:
At the end of the day, it is just enough to count the denominations of currency collected and enter. Then the day book leaf will be ready within seconds. Report can also be emailed to cybercafe administrator automatically. 

Client Screen Background:
All clients Background images and Wall paper images can be set to specified images. 

Order from client machines:
Customers can order for the items such as floppy, coke, etc. The cost will be added automatically while billing the customer.

Printer Page Tracking:
Any number of printers can be tracked. As soon as a customer starts printing, his bill will be updated accordingly. (This feature is available, even if your Server-OS is win98/ME)

Language Module to Suit ANY language:
Any language (including Non-English-Alphabet fonts such as Japanese, etc) can be used in client windows.

Member Customers are allowed to change their passwords themselves in client program. 

Remind-Me Facility:
Customers can use the Remind-Me facility, to remind them after the specified elapsed time. 

Restart clients after each logout:
Clients can be made to restart after every logout. This makes the client machines fresh for each customer. Clients can also be set to close the specified programs (such as Net2Phone, HalfLife, etc) during logout. 

New Features Added in Ver.6.2:

- Allows only specified programs to run in the clients. Thus no virus/nastysites can install/run their programs automatically. Hence the client machines will be clean, virus-free and faster.

- Different panels to display, All customers, Walk-in Only, Members Only, etc.

- Recently logged out Walk-in (Pay after use) and Members (pay before use) are also displayed separately.

- Printed Page counter feature is tuned and tested in win98/me/xp/2000 clients.

- Printed Page Sale or ItemSale can be deducted by equivalent minutes from the member minutes.

- Save Bandwidth: Customers can be restricted to open Only 5 Simultaneous Windows of Internet Explorer. This ensures that a few customers can not suck the whole bandwidth by opening unlimited number of IE windows.

- ReLogin all the LoggedOut walk-in customers immediately after a server reboot.

- Any program such as half-life, etc. can be restricted to only a specified groups

- Add Cash Advance for Walk-in (pay after use) customers.

- Banner Rotation at specified time intervals set in server.

- Prepaid Member delayed logout problem is sorted out.

- Walk-in customers can be restricted to only specified client or Any clients.

- Walk-in customer login codes can be randomly generated.

- Coupons details can be printed or exported to a text file.

- Bulk Member Coupon users can change their randomly created login name to their preferred username once.

- Walk-in customer can be transferred to any other vacant computer.

- Item Inventory maintenance feature added and a few related problems corrected.

- Consolidated Report for members in DayReport added.

- Email DayBook report supports customer's smpt server name, username and password.

- Bar Code Scanner/Itemcode support for item sales.

- Broadcast messages to all/specified clients.

- Customers' ScreenShot View.

- System Restrictions:
   - Hide and Restrict the Local Drives (A:, B, ... Z:)
   - Disable File Download in IE.
   - Hide and disable Desktop
   - Deny Access to Control Panel, Network and Printer settings
   - Deny Access to Display settings
   - Disable RightClick on the Desktop
   - Disable Run Command
   - Clear Recent Document History on each logout
   - Hide ShutDown command from startmenu
   - Hide the TaskBar menu
   - Disable Windows key
   - Disable InternetOption menu in IE.
   - Prevent changing HomePage in IE.
   - Clear Internet Explorer Typed URL history.
   - Clear Temporary Internet Files on Exit.

*In practice, Only a Receptionist is enough to handle the entire cybercafe.